Ok guys i really need some tips and advice over christmas. C

Ok guys i really need some tips and advice over christmas. Christmas puddings and desserts after roast and chocolate based presents. How do i resist and what should i do with the gifts? (Just got a packet of sweats as a gift and there are chocolates open from my family. Omg i feel so weak. I know i wont have any today but tomorrow is a whole different matter

I am so with you, I have no idea what to do.

I'm also where you're at.
Everyday is a fantastic failure again.
I got a few days without chocolate, but it seems impossible to maintain it.
I hope our stories act as support, inspiration and suggestions for success.
It's so so hard.
I wish you luck.
I wish myself strength and orderly direction.
I feel so helpless and lonely again.
Tomorrows another day I guess...

I'm not sure how to deal with constantly having sweets around, because I'm the same as you. I'll be strong for awhile until the urge gets too strong and ends in a binge/purge session. With the gifts, though, I would thank them and act greatful then regift them later on. Don't even open the package or tear off any wrappers. Put the gifts in a place you don't open/see every day, such as in a box in a storage room or in your closet under a bunch of clothes. "Out of site out of mind". Make a plan for who you're going to give the candy to, so it's a set thing. This is what helps me at least.

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Taking one day at time. That's how I stopped though every day is constant struggle. Evenings are the worst but feels much better in mornings.

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Yes, fully agree...
Mornings are guilt ridden tragedies; but if I get through a day WITHOUT crashing, the following morning is Victory+1!
The problem is keeping clear for any length of time.
Today I soul-searched (www-searched) and came up with this one:
"Sometimes you have to forget how you FEEL and focus on what you DESERVE"...
It's currently 17:00 where I stay, so the craving hours are almost upon me; but I WILL GO TO ANY LENGTH REQUIRED to get through today without eating crap calories.
Good luck to EVERYONE ELSE out there.

@Wensitgonnashine thank you, i find 6-7 my binging time and thats now…i may need help

I stayed away from kitchen. Read a lot of interesting books and that's what helped me stop purging. Hopefully next year is better for all of us. ONE DAY AT TIME

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Hi :) maybe you should try to eat slower , then you'll probably consume a smaller portion than the ones you're used to.

Same time it was for me. 7 it started. That's why now I stay away from kitchen at that time.

@irene827 only problem is that i eat my evening meal then so i can’t really

There's nothing wrong with having chocolate. If you really want some then ask yourself, what are you ok with eating so you won't purge? If one bite is all it is then have one bite. Just remember, it's ok to feel uncomfortable. The object is to sit with the discomfort for as long as you can. Eventually it gets longer and to a point where you're ok with it. :) I hope this helps!

Remember xmas is a happy time we have to allow ourselves some treats. Its all in the mind. Allow yourself a portion each day then say thats it. Then once you had it distract yourself.

That's difficult situation. How are you feeling physically?

@irene827 wow, never thought physcally, i guess i feel discusted about my physical apprearance and i all ways feel sick and bloated

No sweetheart. I mean physically as if anything hurts,dizzy.etc.

@irene827 oh right, i guess it does hurt and i get bad headaches. I usualy can’t focus and concentrate and i find it hard to sleep now even though im super tired in the day