Ok here goes. my wife started screwing around with the guy

ok here goes. my wife started screwing around with the guy she was buying meth from. I told her to leave and she moved in with him leaving me and our 3 and 4 year old kids. she violated her probation and went to jail for 2 months. when she got out she came home . that lasted a few months and she went back to his house. got arrested again and nowhas to go to prison for two years. she stayed with us for three months before she had to turn herself in. she was sending him topless pics on her phone the whole time and tried to meet with him before she turned herself in. he went to see her in jail. now she says she loves me and wants to come home with me and the kids when she gets out. I think she is lying again hoping my support will help her make parole sooner. then she will be gone again

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that's awful. I'm so sorry!

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Dude. Run. Stop all contact with her. Get a no contact court order and get the court to grant you full custody of your kids. You deserve a better life.

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So sorry, what an awful situation you are in. Keep yourself and your little kids safe. Addicts are so hard on the ones who love them.

I am so sorry. You have been through hell. I hope you are taking care of yourself. At some point you are going to have to say enough is enough. I know. This is difficult. Prayers for you to please be a survivor. You will need your strength to help your children to be resilient. Take one day at a time. I hope you don't mind I will be praying for you and your family. God bless you in your journey every step of the way. Sending you hope, strength, ((hugs). God's healing peace.

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thank you

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@jessme How are you? I’d like to know your story. Are you hooked on anything? What are your kids seeing? Can you get away from your wife? I’d highly recommend finding a local church or community center for support. Get away from drugs. If you’re using, find a safe place for your kids. Don’t continue the cycle. PLEASE! God bless you and your kids.

You are welcome. My heart breaks for you and your beautiful children. How are you coping? If it helps you, Please post as often as you like. So many wise and compassionate people on here. I will continue to pray for you. Take good care of yourself!!

thank you again

Drug addiction changes the person you fell in love with. This is not the same woman. You deserve better than this. Your children deserve better than this. Right now, those children only have the hope of a stable family in you. Please listen to your gut on this. Gut instincts do not lie - ever. And right now, my concern is not about whether or not she is lying or telling the truth, my concern is about you, your well being, what is right for you and for those children. Remove her from the equation and stop making your whole world revolve around what you think is a lie or the truth from her. She is not in your picture - what do you want for you and your children?

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i am not on drugs. my mother in law has custody of the girls. a clean break from the mother of my children does not seem possible. the custody situation ensures our entanglement. as far as i see it anyway. thanks for the support.

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