Ok I am at my wit's end. Does anyone know what a psychotic b

Ok I am at my wit's end. Does anyone know what a psychotic break looks like? Is the fact that I'm asking meaning I'm not having one? My meds have stopped working and though my doctor wants me to go in the hospital I am trying to do the med changes outpatient and it's not going well. She put me on Latuda the problem is I am on a boatload of anti seizure meds and one of Latuda's side effects is seizures and sure enough I had one, a bad one. I am a strong man from what I have been told. I have finally found a job that I love after being dumped by the department of corrections after 21 years of service. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions I am open and willing to listen.

Hello friend. I am scysco effective. So Medication sometimes does stop working. Often times I cut down the doseage. I often times cut them in half. Keep in mind the mental medication has side effects. I am 42 years old. I was diagnosed at 18. At this time I take vitamins and love Benadryl for sleep. You should trust how your body is feeling. Doctors can over prescribe. The doctor does not know what you are feeling and experiencing. Warning!!! Check with pharmacist before mixing meds/vitamins. A vitamin that I find works good is 5HTP. A little piece of information that I would like to share with you is.... I took a Depression Medication called Wellbutrin. It worked fine for 5 months. I obtained a refill from my Pharmacy. Upon taking the new refill. I felt awful. Come to find out the Manufacture Brand was different on this refill bottle. I liked the manufacturer Sandoz This manufacturer was Mylan. Anyhow It seems to make a difference when I check the labels on my pills. I am here to chat anytime. Be be safe. And I got off my meds. It took a long time. I enjoy vitamins. Much love

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a manic episode looks like the way you think and feel racing around top speed you can tell also by extremely rapid speed when your thoughts are so chaotic and it reaches flight of ideas your facial features show what your mind is feeling the constant movement moving just for the sheer joy of movingrapid steps almost aimless hand talking facial expressions when listening to voices paranoia grandiose ideas all show on you face other people usually see it before you do and believe it or not can break the drive that usually happens o me but i am psychotic all of the time and most people are unaware of it unless i am out of control

Do you mean hospital out patient? I also found that different manufacture even generic vs brand name can be different in my system. Not all meds but some. I dont know the breakdown but feel i probably came real close recently.

No I meant checking in for a stay so they could adjust my meds. The doctor recently ordered respirodol and I start my dosage this Friday fingers crossed it will help.

Hi Tommy. I did a clinical research study in 2015. A couple of people on the study preferred the resperidol shot. Check the manufacturer brand. Respreidol can feel quite strong. Best wishes.

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