Ok i have to many problems to start i tried counselling but

Ok i have to many problems to start i tried counselling but it doesnt seem to work for me because deep inside i know that they dont know how i feel and my family doesnt quite get it either they think the solution is making me brake and cry and hurt and thats how ill get better but idk i was just hoping to find some help if anyone is interested im mot surprised if your not

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I'm sorry you feel this way. What kind of counseling have you been going to?

Personal over the years but basically whatever my parents put me in cause im only 17 i have no say still

@Sereina one more year and you’ll be able to do most thing on your own

I understand what you are going through ...I have tried counseling and don't feel it has done anything...my attacker is getting out of prison next week and I haven't slept much in a week...I feel like I am alone in my fear and anxiety and the shame and disgust I have of myself because I continue to allow this man to have so much control over my thoughts and feelings which I swore to myself I would not allow is insurmountable right now.....you are not alone!

I'm not sure what state your in but if it's that bad in the state of missouri you are aloud to leave at 17. I completely understand what you mean just a small example of my childhood included be molested by 5 different family members and from the last one I had a daughter at age 14.

I hope he's in jail