Ok now I think I really need some friends who are going thro

Ok now I think I really need some friends who are going through what I'm going ! I have nobody to talk to about it I feel like Ima get judged... But anyways I'm 23 year old young lady lol and I would love to make new friends I can talk to :)))

Hi welcome to this group you can say what you feel you can ask questions you can vent you can do whatever you like you and you will get support. what is happening for you right now how are you feeling And what do you have

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maybe this is something for you?
I have created an international forum/ support group for everyone to use, but with the focus on people diagnosed with a positive diagnose. Our mission is to break down the isolation and clinical barriers that comes with getting diagnosed and try to open up for conversation between people.
I would appreciate your help to make this forum come alive, and hear your opinions about it- Let's talk +Positive!

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Just feel sad sometimes I have nobody to vent to I feel like my friends siblings will judge me I have so much feelings inside about this

Oh btw I have hsv2

I think you need to confide in a couple of your friends and if I don't know what the hell it is about educate them so that they can be supportive. the stigma around this virus is not as it used to be there for people are less judgemental and more accepting so just trust but if you tell someone ask them for their confidence not to spread it to anybody else because it is personal. So tell us about how you are feeling that is what this group is for

I just got diagnosed in October n I'm dating this guy I dk how to tell him I don't think the words can come out of my mouth n we became sexually active before I was diagnose but I think it was my ex who passed it on to me.. Well it definately had to be him.

if you think that it was your ex to pass it to you then you need to tell the guy you are dating. you just have to say it as it is. He has the right to know. If it was him then he may or may not know but either way you just say that you went to the doctor because you weren't feeling well and had some symptoms and you got tested and it came back positive. And it is very nerve wracking but it needs to be done.

Hi, I've been in a similar situation. My dad and brother and best friend have been so supportive. Surprisingly they didn't think I was disgusting or worthless etc... They said it's not even a big deal and just a virus, could be worse. Made me feel much better

Hi, I just need to say keep everything 100....tell the truth and accept what you need to do for yourself and the rest of your life. Because this is not going away and you have to honest with them as well as yourself.
Respect yourself first.

@Kgirl1 Hey, I am a 22 year old girl with HSV-2. I found out in January. lol