Ok..... so..... i just binge ate after a binge-eating two da

ok..... so..... i just binge ate after a binge-eating two day streak.(7 brownies, 1 ice cream sandwich and ramen noodles after dinner) i just joined this group and am feeling hopeful even though i have been fighting binge-eating for months now. All i want to know right now is that we have each others backs. if your battling with the same problem comment so i know how many of us are by each others side! please really need it right now and i think it would be really helpful :)

I'm here! I suffer from borderline personality disorder and binge eating comes with my struggle...when I'm alone sometimes I'll go get fast food and eat till I'm sick ): and then I'll do it again later ...and I. Feel so gross and disgusting after...sometimes I can fight my urge but most if the time it wins..I'm battling it right now..everyone left for a fee hours so my natural reaction is go get a ton of food...then not eat for a few days. Its hard but you're not alone!

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thanks so much for sharing means a ton <3

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Yep - I'm also a binge eater. I went from anorexia to bulimia and now I'm a binge eater. Hopefully one day we'll both be able to say we are free from this :) Good luck!

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thanks!!!!!!! @lostandempty good luck to you too!!!!!!!!!! (hey change your screen name just from this one comment i know for a FACT that you ABSOLUTELY are NOT lost and empty