Ok so i scared im going to relapes im getting dental surgery tommorow which means my

so tomorrow i am going to have 3 teeth pull do to infection and decay another wonderful side effect of ed funny thing is 5 months ago i would have said i did not care about my teeth that being thin was more important but the truth is im very sad my smile was the one thing I actually liked about myself i cant help but think of how much time and money went down the drain(literally) i mean 3 years of braces and a jaw surgery to get prefect straight teeth now im going to have a horrible smile which make my very depressed ,right away my ed thinking kicked in will you better lose wieght cause a nice body is the only thing you'll have going for you!( i know it not true but the thoughts there) with the news of my teeth i found following my meal plan really hard today i really did try but it was not a good day. which bring to my BIGGEST fear so after the surgery i cant eat for 3 to 5 days only fluids yikes, so my meal plan is out the window i tried calling my dietitian but i forgot she was off until the 23ugh so i called my gp to make an appointment to see if he had any suggestion for me other then ensure they really bother my stomach and i already have to drink 2 a day. so anyway i have an appointment with him next Monday but i don't really know what to do in the mean time i Know that this is going to be a major trigger especially because im already stressed about Christmas and losing teeth i dont no what im going to do i m scared i think part of me is happy about not being able to follow my meal plan the i have an excuse to lose weight before Christmas without others getting mad at me i cant believe im admitting this to you all i hope you don't think i a freak or really messed up,i don't even no anymore what is wrong with me i guess the ed thinking is still stronger then i thought it was any way sorry this is so long just venting and ranting any advise of words of wisdom is greatly needed and appreciated lot of love Leah<3

honey you are not a freak. i'd be upset too considered the past 3 years i just really got used to smiling with my teeth. i never liked my smile. i know it may seem like a good excuse but there is no good excuse for an ED. im not going to lie i feel that lately my ED is stronger than it used to be, but sometimes stress can effect you more than you think. just know that you are stronger than what ED is saying. just push through the days and do what you need to. we are all here for you love.

<3 Sasha

Hi there: Having had tons of dental surgery myself and also been in a position of not being able to eat solid food for several days; here are some suggestions:
Sounds like milk might upset your stomach (it does mine) so I won't suggest milkshakes, but smoothies, soup, jello and mashed potatoes (just swallow, you don't have to chew), frozen yogurt or sherbert or sorbet (no milk), creamed spinach, peanut butter and applesauce are all foods I used to get through this. Hope this helps!

thank you Sasha for understanding and making me felling not so freakish lol i m really going to try to be stronger then my ed, thanks for all the diet suggestion molly it very helpful yes milk doe upset my tummy so all of these are awesome suggestion think of peanut butter which is actual a staple item in my meal plan!!