OK. So I’ve been thinking about it. As far as the food par

OK. So I’ve been thinking about it. As far as the food part, we all are eating what we eat. So if @DearPeace is focused on high protein, then continue to eat that. Whatever it is that you want to eat or not eat, tweak that as you go. It’s easy to play around with our food. So what I’m thinking about is for the next 7 days, starting tomorrow, Sunday July 25th through Saturday night July 31st, let’s focus on a few things.
1.) Make a list of all the things you love.
2.) pick at least one of those things to spend some time on.
3.) Get on here and post about it. Being here every day and supporting others is fantastic. And sometimes we don’t think that our posts are not important. But I think they are very important. Especially because as we see, at least on weight loss, it’s crickets. And I think we should put aside at least half an hour at some point in our day to get on and make our post. Post can be about anything you want but the assignment and the goal, LOL, our 7 day goal , is to focus on and prioritize these things that you love, focusing on them, to increase your joy and sense of well-being. Not on food doing that. Food is only to satisfy a hunger that doesn’t require as much as we will unconsciously eat or eat for some sense of well-being because our focus is too much on the food bringing us joy. Maybe there’s a love of it or it’s a distraction. But sitting down and mindfully eating your food with the awareness that all it is .. is for us to satisfy this little urge and hunger to eat something and when that subsides a little bit, (doesn’t take much) re-focus on the things that we love.

I realized something tonight as I was thinking.

It’s this:
As I’ve been working on the weight loss and my food etc., For 4 years, I noticed that I have gained a sense of love for the foods I eat. And it’s because they don’t hurt my stomach. Because they are giving me nutrition etc. So I have a love for them now. I never had that before. Food was a nightmare basically. I want to eat like everybody else but I didn’t know how to cook, I didn’t know what to eat, I didn’t like or enjoy it, I was just addicted to the chemicals in it and was getting a high off of them and numbing myself. I was stressing about it all the time. And now it’s very easy. ((I had to put a lot of focus on training my brain to like the foods that I know I have to eat. But now I’ve gone overboard))
And so I was focusing on eating more just because I have this love for it even though I had just eaten and I’m not even hungry. I was doing it earlier and I said , “what is wrong with me?” I don’t need to eat anymore. I just ate. Twice. Then I realized! My focus was on this.
I was putting too much focus on the love that I have for the food. Instead of switching my focus to something else I love. That is different than a food addict. (I think .. lol). I really don’t think I’m a food addict. I just know that the foods I’m eating now are safe foods for me to eat and that gets me excited and makes me happy. (I’m confusing that feeling of being happy I can eat this food and my body heals with it with wanting to eat more) Because for many years , every time I would eat, my stomach would burn and I was just feeling crappy. I am very simple now. It’s not exciting but my body is improving because of it.

So then I changed my attention to this group and my dogs, which I love. And I changed my attention to wanting to get online and research some things. And the next thing you know, I noticed that I wasn’t wanting to eat again anymore. I was just wanting that feel good thing that I thought I would get from eating more of the foods that I know are safe. Subconsciously or unconsciously, focused on the wrong thing.
I’m not hungry anymore. (For Food) And I only want to eat it if I’m actually hungry. So instead of focusing on the food, I changed my focus to something else that I love. My dogs and this site being 2. And I actually noticed that I’m thirsty.
This is when I realized all this. Just now! Lol..
I’m just focusing on the wrong thing. When it comes to food, 30 minutes of focusing on your food is long enough. (( for me)) And it may take longer than that to feel really full. So getting something together, sitting down and eating it for 30 minutes is really all it should take. Then look at my list if I need to or knowing my list, change my focus.
And I think that is what we should do for next 7 days. And if you want to change any of the foods that you are eating as you go, that’s really the easy part don’t you think. A little less , eat something healthy.
We all know that. And I don’t have any rules. I don’t have to eat a certain thing at a certain time. I don’t have a family and kids that I have to put together and have dinner time with. I eat whenever I want to. And... we can also share recipes as @Foundlove said. Great idea.

If someone is wanting to change their whole way of eating, I’m down with helping them with that too. For me, it was very extreme and I always struggled with going all the way. ( I don’t feel I’m there yet)
And one thing that helped me was getting rid of this narcissistic friend that was always clouding my life with her negativity. As soon as I got rid of her , I started having a breakthrough. So, that is something to think about as well. The people that we are around. And it is very hard to do. This was someone that I’ve known since I was a child. We didn’t talk for many years (we were never close) and then started talking on a regular basis a few years ago long distance. She was the fakest friend in the world. And I finally had to do it. It was difficult.

So this is the plan.
I am going to make my list and share it tomorrow.
We can all support each other‘s post. And make our own post. This will be fun. Discipline and commitment for 7 days. 30 minutes to post,share support. Raise your vibrations with love and positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life.
Positive affirmations are something I want to include in here. That is something I love and have been neglecting. Life beats us down so we have to fight back, build ourselves up with kind words to ourselves.
Do it for yourself and do it for everybody else because we all need encouragement.

And one more thing. If you’re someone who is retired or if you have a lot of time on your hands and it helps for you to have a schedule, make your own schedule. And put certain times for certain activities. Put that on your wall to look at for a reminder. So from 6:00p. to 7 PM , it’s time to go outside and walk the dogs. From 7-8p. , make some herbal tea and sit outside and watch the sunset. Etc...
If you’re someone like me who is not good at that, even though I try, go with the flow.
It’s all in my head.... going outside with some water to enjoy the full moon. . Peace :-)

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Okay, to keep it simple for me today's mission is to make a list of all the things that I love. May it be Food, dancing, or sight seeing. Make an attempt to get on the sight everyday to post about 1 thing on your list. Starting today. Sounds like a plan.

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@DearPeace awesome!

Thanks for posting. I appreciate. Do you have a bullet or other mini blender that you like to use?

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@Lookn4raysofSunshine you know I have a small one that works great. And then I did splurge to get a vitamix. But you don’t need that. I like the nutribullets.