Ok So Like Heres A Start K

I mentioned this at one time, and unless I'm totality misinterpreting. It seems like some folks have asked about it.

There is a real live at least at the time it was live. large current Picture of the kid. (me) @


Click on the 2010 Blog Archive, and look at #20. Of course you can read any of the other entries if want, but #20 is the only one with a picture so far.

I do have the equipment to do actually live HD video /voice audio
and if ya ask real nice I might even play a song for ya.

I actually started a Blog so I could do more stuff, and I even have one person who follows it - So Far? Ok - Even if he is my brother but Hey?

It's not a dating sight or anything like that. Just a place I can say what I want to. and have the space to do some multimedia stuff.

I'd really love it you folks would check it out. Really...
Or feel free to leave any comments if you like.


Don't worry I completely understand anonymity, here. And (I'll still be posting things of my own here). That dont belong There also.

If your even a little curious check it out. The plan is to keep adding pictures ,video, my own music and lotsa stuff like that ;-)

Patrick L

thanks for sharing trick, will definitely check it out. and i am glad you have a creative outlet, keep playing!

thats what its all about Vic.

This doesent fit the same Group. but for many years I’ve been fortunate enough to get paid well for playing with some of my favorite toys.

Even when I have Rough spots, I still have a core value for learning, healthy emotional growth and continuous improvement.

Thanks, trick


i will atempt to check it out have enough problems gettin round this site at times to keep up with people but hey will get to see your blog before xmas (boys will be home to show me how to do it)

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

Thanks D, :wink:

sounds like something my own mother would say & of course to make it even more fun when the boys do come home. She has a Mackintosh.

lol mothers are the same all over the world,

when i phoned my boys to ask what i had the reply "mother its an acer..........what have u done to it now"

arh well

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

cute D:)

Hope you figure out the machine or the operator or what ever the heck the deal may be ;-)

Luv ya