OK this place has been taken over by spammers I'm tired of g

OK this place has been taken over by spammers I'm tired of getting notifications only to find the same messages over and over again..to my fellow HIV positive sufferers my thoughts and prayers are with you all..it's a really hard situation to be in,sometimes we vaccilate between hope and despair,but I just want to say to not give up on the hope that we will be cured of our illness someday soon..if you are a Jew be the best Jew you can be,if you are a Christian be the best Christian you can be,if you are a Muslim be the best Muslim you can be,if you are Buddhist be the best Buddhist you can be,if you believe in no deity at all then be the best humanist you can be,if you are straight then be the best straight person you can be,and if you are gay then be the best gay person you can be..we are all in this same boat on the same stormy seas called life,and as cliche as it may sound,love truly is the only way we can live alongside each other..peace out and good luck to you all..goodbye and good luck.

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I am doing my best at having SG delete them I am very very sorry for this it should all be gone today my friend.

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@Jennipain thank you in that case I will keep subscribing…honestly the way thing have been going personally and watching how badly the world is going to pot this site is the only ray of light left…thanks and adios to spammers.

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