Okay I have been having delusions of reality. Last summer m

Okay I have been having delusions of reality. Last summer my I was in a minor car accident that totalled my vehicle but nobody was hurt. About a month later I come home to 5 cop cars at my house to serve me with a protective order for ludicrous accusations. I agreed to stay away from the family home and my wife's job so I can see our son. About a month later I get served with divorce papers and my wife wants everything. This all feels like a nightmare and that I am powerless to stop from losing everything. It seems like this was all set up for me to fail.

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That's a lot of stress all at once. : ( A car accident can be very traumatizing, let alone a divorce. I'm glad you have support here and hope your extended family is supportive and that you have supportive friends around you. Counseling during a crisis like a divorce can be helpful. I had to get counseling during my divorce from my ex, but couldn't afford it, so I got it free from a church counseling outreach. Somehow, friend, I doubt your wife can get everything in a divorce because you have community property rights. I truly hope things go well for you though.

Yea there is a lot going on all at once and this site is supportive thanks. Family are sick so it’s been a challenge to keep healthy boundaries. Yea I am in a similar situation as you were but it helps to keep trying for resources no matter how many times doors shut close.