Okay, I've been unemployed from full time work for over four

Okay, I've been unemployed from full time work for over four years. In the beginning I was in the search and feeling okay about it... Then over time... After not getting the jobs of interest and many interviews later that seemed to be going well with no legitimate offer I decided to go to school and take classes. I then decided I needed some part time work now that unemployment compensation ran out. So I eventually found two parttime jobs that barely equal 20 hours a week combined. Now that I have been working at them for about a year and a half it time to get back to full time work and get on with something more rewarding. However, as a single mom I'm feeling lost in all this and need to keep moving in a forward direction. but when I begin with the search again I get upset and feel overwhelmed.

Bless you;
You are wearing so many hats right now it's amazing that are still sane. I'm confused to how you have time to work full-time, go to school part time, and being a Mother full-time. If you are looking for job advice; the Unemployment Commission have counselors which should be able to assist you.
Good luck.

Hi. Please keep faith on the Lord. I have been unemployed for almost one year
Very difficult. Remember keep the faith. I have called free prayer lines. Beautiful people u can talk to who listen and pray with u try the 700 club 18007590700. Reach out to a caring Pastor or spirit ual person
Love. Peace and Hope

You are doing all you can do. The search is hard and can take a toll on the spirit. Some of us have to struggle but its is a pathway to growth. One of my favorite quotes is it is not how hard you can hit its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.