Okay, so having a pretty good day and my sister in law calls

Okay, so having a pretty good day and my sister in law calls so we can make family plans for Christmas. She mentions that Conman recently tryed to friend her on Facebook, she ignored the request of course. He met her twice while we were together. Why the heck would he do that? I'm betting he's messaged many others so he can smear me some more. I teared up a bit and pulled my self out. I swear, everytime I'm doing okay something about him pops up. Do they have friggin radar when they know we are doing well? I had to let this out because I know you guys understand. Thanks for reading :).

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Yep...he is trying to get to you through others. Good for your sister for supporting you! That is a good feeling huh?

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@Yellowrose10 It is a good feeling. Glad I have my small circle and my SG fam ;). Thank you.

Mine made up ridiculous stories about me and told family members. It took a while but they got back to me and I was furious. Then I just realized it was all part of his mental illness and let it go. People who really know me, know the truth and and those that believe him without speaking to me, are really not my friends. Don't let his smear campaign get to you. The truth will come out in time.

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@collateral damage One day he will be a distant long forgotten memory. If I had heard this a two weeks ago I would have fallen into a severe depression. The ridiculous stories are pathetic aren’t they?

I know exactly how you feel!

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@Blessedgirl505 Crazy how we here can all relate so well.

My ex did the same thing on Facebook and sent a friend request to my sister. He always thought that she was one of my only sisters who liked him and so he sent Sarah request and naturally she told me about it and naturally I had told her don't even think about it so she rejected the request. It's just another act of manipulation and desperation. Don't let him burst your happy bubble you got good news about your new volunteer position and don't let him bring you down. They really are just Pathetic creatures

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@1tomanytears So annoying. Social media is like a drug to them. Like, as if my family wants anything to do with the loser. They are delusional and think everyone wants them and adores them…smh. Thank you my friend. How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

@Yellowrose10 That’s right. I have my first trauma therapy session on Tuesday after my volunteer position and I cannot wait to learn more of the tools needed to deal with the nonsense. I believe I’ve done not too bad thus far but the extra support should do wonders. Fingers crossed.