*********Okay....so I don't need any replies to this.*******

*********Okay....So I don't need any replies to this.**************

I haven't been a very good man. Ive prayed to change from the way I was...I pray all the time too, along with getting therapy and medication. I hate being depressed. I pray all the time that god heals my ex from all of her pain, and make us into the people we are supposed to be.I believe that God is showing me this is the way I’m to live, period: in an attitude of love, goodness, blessing and prayer. I've been praying for forgiveness for me and my ex. paying for healing and other things .I pray for guidance and direction and for our hearts to heal, our needs for unconditional love, encouragement, companionship, and intimacy. I miss her and hope that god opens her heart and allows her to to be the way he believes we should be. All of this is flowing out of me and I have no way other than this to release a prayer...like having prayer flags or a prayer wall. I've been so depressed over my mistakes, over the things ive done and said. I pray that god heals me and helps me become the man im supposed to be. I pray that god takes away my exs pain, her pride and restores her.

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I know you said no replies, but forgive me, I still want to give you a response. Admitting ones mistakes and a will to change is the first step towards healing yourself. It reveals that you ARE a good person, even though you might have made mistakes in the past. I applaud you for your courage to admit you've done some bad, and I respect you for trying to better yourself. Good fortune to you in the future.