Okay.... So I've been picking at my skin since I was in 5th

Okay.... So I've been picking at my skin since I was in 5th grade, I'm now 21 and until recently i just assumed that skin picking would be part of my life forever. However I was recently put on anti depressants and i now have a lot better control over my emotions and impulses and I'm starting to make improvements. Yesterday i went almost the whole day without picking and today I've been very good about controlling when I do it and how much. I've only scratched at two small scabs and two small pimples today! My boyfriend is talking about taking me ice skating to celebrate! I think regardless I'm going to get myself a treat if i make it through the day with this much control. I think I'm going to get a Korean black head mask, i know it's said they aren't good for your skin but I figure anything is better then the scars from over a decade of picking. I'm also going to look into having my scars treated, but i won't start that until I've fully conquered this impulse!

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Wow thank you for sharing this with the group.

Curious as to whether it helped with your scars at all? I've been picking and cutting since I was young. I've gotten the cutting under control except in my weakest moments but still pick when i'm stressed or anxious and have scars everywhere. They are a hit to my self-esteem when I see them.

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@UniversalMistake i know what you mean they really effect me too esspically in moments when I’m intimate moments like getting ready for bed or getting dressed in the morning… not a good way to start the day… Honestly just leaving my skin alone and using a gentle exfoliating treatment and a toner/skin brightener has helped me. Since some major stresses since this post I haven’t been doing as well but with luck as I deal with my ptsd I’ll be able to get back to taking care of my skin.

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