Old and Bi or just?

Been a straight husband for 47 years, had much experience in 70’s but recently had two encounters and remembered how much I love a hard penis. For years I never saw myself this way and I am a little troubled about my Bi. Told a very LGBT friendly speech pathologist and came out to her. I am so confused but 3 years without sex is a long time for a 72 year old and I enjoyed myself . I am being very discrete but I also have been really lonely.

I’d suggest that if you had encounters in the past, you were probably bi during your marriage, just faithful. And to be honest, I see no reason for your to be troubled about your sexuality at all. If your wife is still alive and you have been unfaithful, then of course you have that do deal with. But if she is gone or you are divorced, I see no reason you should be troubled.

There have been bi and gay people on the earth for a long, long, long, long, long time. It’s just that certain societies and their standards didn’t accept them as “equal” to straight people. Maybe if more people were open many years ago, there would be less judgement now.

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It’s simple: are you attracted to men? Do you want to be with one? Then do it, then you might be bi! I feel like trying to label everything stops us from just enjoying things. Go for it my dude!

Love this type of support! -SG

Again, amazing support! -SG

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Hi and welcome. Are you troubled because this is all new or like you were asked before are you currently married? If you are married, be honest. If you are single, then why not enjoy sex with whomever as long as it is consensual and safe. It might be a lot to wrap your head around labels, but like you said, you like sex and you like men, life is too short to worry about what others may think. -SG