Old time music

Trini here. Gonna take a leap and see if there's any other morning rockers like me.
Being a morning person, and I mean early morning person, I like to light a candle in honor of.....then listen to youtube music. Go first to whatever song I happen to have playing in my mind when I wake up and free it. Then I just can't find,(well,other than Bobby D) greater talent than the Benefit album by Jethro Tull. Then, as in this morning, I'm on to Traffic, Blind Faith, Canned Heat and on and on I go. The Moody Blues, Threshold of a dream is great late morning or afternoon but too Moody in the early morning. Bob Dylan and/or Joan Baez seem to jump out of my speakers at some time too. And I'm not being a rock elitist here. Still love Bowie and Ziggy Stardust and the men from mars and Mick, the Faces, lou reed, Joe Cocker and the Mad Dogs and the Englishmen.
Enough, I really brought this up to see if anyone else wakes up similarly. The candle I was taught by a Shaman to light upon awakening to a new day. Pray, reverance, meloncholy; basically just remember who and what is important to you then. Honor...and yourselves with it's light.
Again, this is the first time I've launched into a discussion, but frankly I did'nt know how. Learned this morning, I guess. So what's up, favorite people. You on?


Trini, I wake early too, but didn't log on 'til now. Sounds like you have the right idea waking to mellow music. I see you like a lot of the old rock. How cool. Keep posting and don't give up on us. We're here to share whatever is on your mind and we need you to hear what's on ours. Many Hugs, Raylene

Thanks Raylene, Gotta little gin blossoms going now. Remember Found out about you? Sure reminds me of my ex.

Peace out, trini

Besides Raylene here, I guess my experiment with creating a new discussion is a flop. No other takers 'sides me. Guess my original question was answered.


Good for you, you go girl, rock out!!! Sorry I missed your experiment, I was up and off even earlier than you. I would have loved to have joined you. I did a same kind of shout out discussion looking for early morning peeps also and didn’t have any luck. I am always a day or night behind everyone as I usually get on here around 6am or so.
Anyway hope you are having a great weekend!
Take care of you,

Hi all,

How's come no one is on-line? It's 11:40a.m G.R. time. Granted a new morning from yesterday. Very little music this a.m. Am I really the only one with no life? At least it's a clean and sober non-life. Still too agoraphobic to go out much. Sitting in the sun yesterday was almost more than I could take. Wrote my story re: addiction under well addictions. Something about prescription drugs.....addiction. So far only one comment. Anyway, I am suffering mild but irratating withdrawl symptoms. One, is feeling like I don't have a grasp on life anymore. S'pose that goes with the territory of escaping, mentally, this evil drug. BUT I do know after 40 years of this **** that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So here I am tackling another day of being stronger. HA
Please someone wake up or come home from a meeting or breakfast or church. I think practicing this hand to brain dexterity (with some good skill) is firing up the old sleeping synapes in my brain. It's a theory of mine....
over and out.

Fair winds T.

I'm not usually a morning person these days. I used to be at different times in the past. I love the morning sun, the dew on the grass and all that good stuff.

Doesn't it just suck when you want to talk to somebody, but nobody's on. I often find it to be similar at 4:00 in the morning, still going from the previous day.

If you look at the header on your previous post you'll notice that the time the site says, is seldom even close to when you actually made your post. Fore example, in your post you said it was 11:40am. The system says you made that post at 8:02am. so the time the site says is pretty useless.

I like the explanation you gave for lighting a candle.
I,ll have to try that. As for music when I first get up.which is usually between 10am and 1pm G.R. time Just my 2 cents. But for myself I often like it quiet. With A.D.D. it makes it easier for me to think.

If I am inclined toward music at that time. I usually pick up one of my guitars, and play my own.



A man who wakes to the sound of his own music. Somehow that sounds very hot. Sorry. And I just wanted to say I love your ending quote. Will try to remember it throughout my day today.

Not farewell but fare forward,