"Older" single, no children

Am I the only one who comes home to aloneness while everybody I know goes home to a loved one? I feel like I missed some big important moment in life when everybody got assigned their core group and I got left out. I don't have a core group. Always, always, alone. So sick of it! I just want someone to be around....to share a hello, how was your day... A companion to go out to dinner/movie, just do grocery shopping with, or - pie in the sky - to actually share my life with just isn't in the cards for me, I guess.
Am I truly alone or is there ANYBODY else out there like me?

You are not the only one. Been in your shoes for years. I hate it.

Thank you for responding! I truly feel I'm the only one sometimes! And, invisible, to boot!

I feel the same way,i do hae 2 girls buts not the same.I need adult interaction,someone to talk to and hang out with.All my friends are married so they really dont have time to get out much.I feel like im invisable.Im just trying to get out as much as i can and meet new people,buy being shy makes it hard,I just have to believe that it will get better.

Thanks for replying, Cindy. I have done the get out as much as possible - I still do, really, but I've been doing just about everything - every activity - alone for decades and am just sick to death of it! I just don't see the point! When there's no one to share with it is not half as much fun! I've heard all the platitudes - you gotta be happy alone, blah blah, blah......Nice to say when you've got people...It's not even that I'm unhappy, but just sick of the aloneness!!!
I enjoy doing lots of things but just want more. And, people who have more are constantly telling me I shouldn't want more. THat just pisses me off!
Anyhoo! Hang in there Cindy! HOpe you have a good day!