OMG... Just got a text from the narc hole: "You ok? X" W

OMG... Just got a text from the narc hole:
"You ok? X"

What a *****!!! No, I am not ok at all, A hole!!!

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Ignore. He is just making sure he still has you on stand by. Dont feed the beast. You're worth so much more

Don't reply. Try to block his messages. Some phones you can send them straight to spam....just don't peek. You see how much it upsets you

Thank you. Trying to be strong. I know it will be all lies again.

He just emailed me screenshots of daily msgs he was sending me on Whatsapp since 19th, that I never received as I blocked him. Wow, sending me 5-6 msgs each day while having fun with somebody else... He totally gets into my head

Mine did the same exact thing a yr ago while he left me pregnant and he was with some other woman. I flipped it around and went out on 2 dates to prove i can play dirty too. He got mad and cut off my cell service and texted the guy i went out with. Such double standards.

yeah don't reply at all....don't give him the satisfaction

Read "you okay?" As hey what's going on you're not doing what you meant to in my messed up stupid game! Ignore him Hun

@19yearsnowfree Looking through the screenshots he was sending heartfelt I miss you so much every day for over a week. It’s like he knows that I am hurting here and tests my willpower

I read that message as him wanting you to be asking about him. i swear its all mirrored. flip it, and you see what they want. his passive agressive way of saying "ask about me you selfish b". he is supply hungry again...

lol lol.