On my way to a better life

Looking foward to going to my third meeting tonight. I have been meeting a lot of nice people, and getting alot of support.

Any one out there who think's that they might have or might not have a Gambling problem. Just find a meeting and go from there.

You must get to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

What time is it there now? When is the meeting tonight? You have the courage - send me a message or reply if you need someone to push you into the shower and get ready, head out the door and go to that meeting - it’s 7:47AM here and if you need someone to get you moving - I’m Here! YOU CAN DO IT!

Thanks Tigger. The meeting is at 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. It's Noon here. Going to take a nap, and hope to get up and have positive thoughts about going to the meeting. Thanks again........pdh123

Alright Patrick! Sorry about the delay-sometimes, spouses can be so…Right now, you are my hero - I haven’t even checked to see what meetings are available for me…you are stronger than you know. Aloha!


Awesome-you can do it! Best, Superman

Thanks superman: Let me know if I can help with you are going through.

Well I did make it to a meeting, and now I,m on my way with the support of GA. Going to another tonight.

That is so Awesome, Patrick!!! I knew you could do it, and now YOU know that you can! Thank you for starting ALL of us off on a SPECTACULAR DAY!!!

Well I made it to a second meeting. Didn't share anything, just listened to what the other members had to say. And LOW & BEHOLD all of them connected to what I myself is going through. I will be going to the next meeting on Thur. This time I'll share what "GAMBLING" Has done to me.

Great job Patrick, proud of you.

All my strengths.


PDH123 ........
CONGRATULATIONS! I am so very proud of you! You are indeed my kind of reformer. I am the RECRUITER and I am always glad to see others make life changing moves. You go Boy!