On Nov 2nd, I had an MRI done at the local hospital. My husb

On Nov 2nd, I had an MRI done at the local hospital. My husband drove by to make sure my car was in the parking lot. I thought he was just checking on me. Today I was looking at some of his college books he's taking. A folded receipt dropped out. It was dated stamped on Nov 2nd, 15 minutes after my appointment started. It was for condoms we don't use. I'm furious. He's on his way to work and I've already told him he off. Now he's claiming it's not his. How stupid do the cheaters think we are!?

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Omg...so sorry you're going thru this. A lot of the things they say and do are incredibly insulting. They'll say anything to deceive and deflect. Trust your gut!

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Just looked up the other product on the receipt. Rhino 69...cheap version of Cialis. Now I know why he didn't care that I kept track of the Viagra

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@Betrayedbyasexaddict Ugh… such deception. This is calculated. Definitely planning and putting lots of thought into making it happen and hiding it.

How long has this been going on? Are you guys working toward recovery in any way?

You are not stupid at all. Trust yourself. No matter what he says, get distance from him and trust yourself.

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Why are you still putting up with this?

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He's a sex addict. I gave him a year to start changing. That's Feb 23rd. He denied everything initially but started to open up and admit he has a problem this Summer. It's been hard and slow going. I thought we had a breakthrough and now I'm questioning everything all over again.

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@Betrayedbyasexaddict I’m so sorry. I’m in the same situation. Just not same time frame. We’re 4 months in. He’s finally admitted he has a problem and is a sex addict. It’s been slow moving here too. He’s been to one meeting, but that’s it. I have a time frame in mind. If he’s dragging it out without getting real help soon, I can’t stick around.

What’s your plan now?

We have couples therapy on the 3rd. I'll bring it up then. I had a breakdown 4 weeks ago in therapy and it shocked him. Even the therapist commented on the look on his face. It's like he didn't realize how close I am to walking out. He's been trying ever since. This receipt was from before that but still. Big time trigger. Anger followed by lots of tears. It's probably a good thing the kids are with the ex and hubby is at work. I need to be left alone to let it out.

@Betrayedbyasexaddict why put yourself through this when you know in your heart he doesn’t know how you are feeling?

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