Once a cheater always a cheater

Is this true? I have heard too many people state that once you start cheating you wont stop. You wont change. Again, is this true? If it is, why do I boher?

Depends on the PERSON & alot of other factors & what THEY are willing to learn about themselves.

oh dear trying to pass the buck?

everyone can change if its what they want to do, look at the world around u people who are ordinary do amazing things daily to change their lives, so why cant u?

loving thoughts and posiitve vibes

D :)

I agree with April, it depends on the person and the scenario. I was cheated on by one boyfriend multiple times and it was a bad relationship. I did cheat on him while we were trying to take a break, but i don’t consider myself a cheater, it was a bad relationship that i was trying to end and was taking forever to end. As for him, i have no idea how he is today. But i know others who may have cheated and now they have no problem being in a committed relationship, and other people who don’t care about commitment. I say get to know the person first before making any decisions.

I can't agree more, once a cheater always a cheater. When I met my wife she described to me all the affairs she had with married men, she was single. I thought that if i showered her with love and respect that she would never want to stray, how wrong i was. I have since found out that she has had three affairs on me while we have been married. I think People will get away with any and everything they can until they are caught and called on the carpet. Once this happens then maybe there can be so change in behavior.

cheaters are SELFISH. That is a personality trait and is not going to change. They will always put their needs above all else, including you and your need for them to be faithful.

It depends on the person. If it was a one time mistake, that may be different.

Yes, cheaters are selfish, selfish, selfish. But selfish people can change IF they want to.

Serials cheaters, it seems, do not seem to change.

Seriously, what a cop out! If you are the cheater, It will help you to be able to look in the mirror and see a person worth loving. You will be a strong person who can overcome impulses. You will be a person that brings joy, stability, and genuine security to your mate. Many people have overcome things much more difficult. Look at firemen and soldiers for instance that face fear but who do their job for the good of another human being. If you need a thrill, do something outside of your comfort zone to help others. Or sky dive for Christ's sake. Quit causing so much pain and heartache, leaving emotional corpses wherever you turn! If you have been cheated on, that is a big if. Putting yourself out there with second chances, well, it is really being vulnerable. Do you have enough of a tie to the other that it will be worth it in the end? Can you someday find happiness with someone who cared so little for you? Well, that is too simple a question. Your pride has been so hurt. But if you are strong enough in your self image to put it in perspective, than you may be able to overlook it. And all the other factors should be weighed. Financial, extended family, ect. There is no single answer as every relationship is different. Karma to you. (Karma is another reason for the cheater to make amends. )