Once again feel like I don't have a problem

Hi everyone, I just finished 8 weeks of IOP treatment about 2 weeks ago. When I started I was greatly in denial because I didn't fit what was "anorexic" in my mind. Along the way I have lost my relationship, but have made many new friends and have been much more social than I was before. It has all been so tough, yet I feel better than I have in the past (also put on meds for depression). I started once a week therapy this week and have a nutrition appointment in 1.5 weeks, which I avoided setting up because I haven't been doing so well with meal plans. After being out of IOP I kind of feel like I am falling into some of the same patterns like thinking I don't really have a problem because I think I'm 'fat', feeling really anxious like today because I didn't exercise, not doing well with my MP, etc. (but I think that I'm maybe not extreme in my thinking about myself and feel better about life in general). Not sure what is the best way to go about this, so just reaching out for support. Thanks :)

Ang...Hi...so glad you wrote! It's a common problem for anyone who suffers with an eating disorder to doubt their illness, or that what is happening is truly worthy of change or seeking help for. The deeper issue, I think, is that you/we don't believe we deserve anything better. You know?
Based on what you have shared, yes, you need help, and reaching out for support is a great step! 'Treatment', per se, is only the beginning. Integrating new coping tools and ways of taking care of yourself takes time and guidance. The first 9 mos. to a year of real recovery is truly the time that you/we need the most support! Take care, and please continue to share....Jan ♥