One day at a time

Today it being Saturday I had the chance to go to the ocean and hear the waves plus watch my son play a game of foot ball although it was so cold out there . It was so worth it the waves helped still my mind of all the things going on. Had to admit at one point began to cry as I thought of the loss of my dad recently. But when I was finally done it felt like my soul was a bit freer in a sense and it made me feel like there is hope in life we just have to take it one day at a time....

onestrongnurse ... thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear that you found something to bring you some peace.

I hope that this peace/freedom continues for you too. :)

Thanks for sharing your story - it gives me hope that maybe there is something out there for me. Thanks.

Hi onestrongnurse, Glad it made you feel better. I love going to the ocean and just absorbing the peacefulness of it. I went to the beach a few weeks ago. I was only able to spend 10 minutes there. I have to say that was the best 10 minutes I have had in a long time. I felt so cleansed and free. I wish I lived closer to the beach. I love it.

good to hear u being so positive

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes