One day at a time

Well its been a few days that I have not gambled, funny how you see certain things and that just triggers you to go gamble. Work sometimes being too stressfull. I am happy to say that with these triggers, stress, today I choose not to gamble. So again one day at a time.

Oh yes, there will be many temptations. It's the devil. When a child of God begins a new journey on the pathway of making the right choices, satin will always intervene because that what he does. He will toss many obstacles in your way to try to blind side you but keep him behind you and do no look back. I don't want you to turn into a pillow of salt. (smile)
Mary Joe

Hi Mary Jo, Sorry I have not gotten back to you in awhile! Computer was not working…very slow in loading ect ect.,
All has been fine, and yes God helps me to make these right choices in my life. So I am still doing One Day at a Time! I have not done the meetings, but thinking of calling my old sponser…not sure if I am ready to face people again in my screw up. I will see…thanks for your word of encouragement they really do help!