One foot in front of the other

The slogans are too numerous to lists, the twelve step recovery ones that I made fun of as a child. My mom was Al-Anon and in AA, the pamphlets were a many at our house. "Live and let live", "Fake it until you make it", "One day at a time".
Guess what? When one is down and desperate, a quick slogan is better than nothing.
Today I come back to this board because it's the last place I had any recovery. I made a daily commitment to stop my bulimic habits and "kept coming back". This worked, more than anything else.
Here I offer up my fear, my sadness, my hopelessness in hopes that my abstinence can show others it is possible.
Yes if this old donkey can stay off the poison path anyone can.. and yes anyone can. Recovery is always with us, like the sun behind the cloud.
Love to you all.

I love little slogans and quotes, I find them inspirational and could read them for hours on end. I have to keep reminding myself of the one day at a time... when I get a small bit of energy to fight, I get carried away and think way too far ahead and overwhelm myself.

Thanks for that. I am in AA. I've been abstinant for years, but today I had a bulimic relapse. Blows my mind. I can refrain from drinking and drugging, but not from listening to ED. I suppose I traded wone addiction for another. But, just like my AA recovery, I will pick myself up and trudge this road again too.

I like your positive attitude LadyJ. You can pick yourself up. It's just another one of those horrible bumps in the road that are sent to try us. Recovery is never linear. That would be too easy!!

Thank you Unknown and Lady J. I love the feedback.
I think today is going to be a new start, the accountability is something that really helps me. Therapy and writing both are tools toward understanding but support groups have a power, even online I feel a connection to like humans that can prompt strength.
Here's a slogan for ya, only as sick as your secrets.
I want to admit to feeling an incredible guild over binging in front of my sweet dog. It stresses him out so bad, he begs and is in a sustained mood of want. In a "normal" scene the human has dinner and is done. He watches me eat all night and I swear he mirrors anxiety.
One more reason to let this business go..