One Month

So my one month rolled around this last Tuesday. And i am very happy about this. I feel a lot happier a lot less needy and more independent. But NOBODY wants to trust me still. And it hurts. i hate feeling like I'm always trying to prove myself. I just want my stuff and trust back i mean i did my part and i still am. Why cant i get a break? Ugh...I mean its worth it i know it is but i just want a little faith i mean how can i show them I'm changing when NOBODY will let me?

I want all this to just disappear like i never did drugs that i never lost all the trust and respect. i want people to look at me and just be happy that Alexis is back. I'm tired of them dwelling on the old me....*sigh* proving yourself is hard D:

But, I dug my own hole. And i gotta get myself out right?

CONGRATS Alexis!!! That's great.

However, drugs do affect people like that. It is really hard to regain trust back. You really need to show them over time that you are a changed person. I know it suxs, but that’s how people are.

Just let time be your judge now. There's not to much else you can do. Just be patient.

Again, congrats!!!

Hi Alexis, Congratulations on one month!! With time trust will come as you continue to stay sober and clean. Keep you expectations of others low. Keep working on keeping your side of the street clean. Keep taking it one day at a time. Keep letting us know how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))