One year and two months on this website! grateful for the p

one year and two months on this website!
grateful for the people i have met in these groups :)
life update, i moved into a women's shelter and got away from my abuser!
i came into close contact with a positive case, and i have been moved into my own room with a mini fridge and a bathroom (!)
the positive: i have a place to sleep and i'm going to school, my physical appearance is improving (to my standards), i have hair dye coming in the mail, i got grant money to get groceries, once i get out of isolation i'm gonna get a job, i left my guitar at school so i can take it back to the shelter and play it! there's grant money avaliable to help me pay rent once i get my own place :))

the negative: survivor's guilt for leaving my dog behind, lost all of my friends, falling behind in school, i can't get my meds increased, insomnia, i don't have a phone charger, my former best friend told all my secrets to everyone at school, being a close contact, i don't have access to most of my belongings including my electric guitar, most of my clothes, most of my makeup, most of my hygiene items, Office of Children's Services is so understaffed that they don't care about me enough to interview me so everything my abuser has done to me will never see justice.

so i'm just going to focus my energy on not getting sick and finding a job and graduating. now that i have no friends there's no one who's going to use me or steal from me. i can use my energy to maintain my physical health and be a better guitar player

i swear to god you guys if you ask me a million questions that i already answered or give me useless advice i'm not going to reply or delete your comment.

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I am so so so so so proud of you! Yes, there are a lot of negatives, but the positives far outweigh staying in the horrible situation you were in at home!

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@CKBlossom thank you blossom :))