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i am a heterosexual woman but i met this other woman on line in a chat room and we hit it off immediately. After talking on line for only a short time we exchanged numbers and having been talking on the phone for about 2 months. I still dont consider my self a lesbian. I just fell in love with this woman. My problem is that she has been chatting for 7 or 8 years and has many friends online. I had just started chatting when I met her. I do not like to go to chat rooms. The other day i found her in a chat room where her ex was there too. I immediately felt betrayed and we had a big fight. She told me that if I did not trust her I could not love her.

Well, she says she is a flirt and does not mind if i go in rooms to flirt. She always says that even though she is flirting she will always come back to me.

Our relationship has suffered because of my reaction to her being online without telling me.

I dont believe that she should be online without telling me.

I am not sure if I should agree with her and let her chat or consider this as she is not respecting me.

Please give me ur advice.

Hi I am new here, but I have been with my boyfriend around 9 years. We have had alot of problems, but were always very intimate in our dreams and conversations. We relocated back to washington, and he is kindof a narcisist, my dad kicked him out, and we have been going back and forth for 3 or 4 years. Well, he got the internet in March and has been going crazy losing his head over this. He has around 20 profiles posted lying in all of them, and he has been really rude to me even violently kicking me out of his place for "finding out". I hadnt talked to him in 3 months, and he came looking for me crying I miss you and love you, and I found out the 3 days I have been seeing him again, he is still on the internet trying to meet girls and giving out his phone number and lying to all of them. So I am going to give him his clothes I have and tell him not to call me until he decides what he really wants. So please take my advice, do not let them brain wash you into thinking this is ok, it is DISRESPECTFUL AND UNHEALTHY FOR US. I am finally sending him down the road because they lie, and will cheat, because being online is to MEET PEOPLE. You may respond to me I would like the feedback and support for myself too.

Thank u for posting a comment. I also think its disrespectful. I have not seen her flirt but I do think its disrespectful for her to be online. The only thing that confuses me was that I knew she had many friends online before I met her. So I am really confused about this. I just love her so much. I really want this to work. But like u say it is disrespectful and I dont know if I can handle her behavior at all. Please pray for me that my heart can mend and i can be who I am and either learn to trust or end the relationship if it is in my best interest. Again, thank you.

I always ask myself ONE question....
IS THIS PERSON BEING YOUR FRIEND?? .. usually the answer to that will sum it all up in a nutshell..

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