ok so I have been through some traumatic stuff... I tryed working through it with therapy. Talking about it made it worse and more vibrant in my mind. It is stil there though.. Certain things remind me of the event and its like im taken back to it. My fears keep me pretty isolated. Im not sure how to deal with it if at all.

First of all, welcome to Support Groups. This is a great place to talk about things that you need help and support with. If you are talking with a therapist and they're not helping you, only making it worse, I would consider seeing a different therapist because there may be some trigger for your symptoms they are not doing anything about. I have been through some traumatic things myself, and talking about that stuff with others makes it worse for me. Sometimes I get embarrassed and afraid to be around others and fear that those things will be brought up and that the same things will happen again. Hang in there, it can only get better, right?
~Morgan Rushlow~

thanks for the advice! I do feel things can only get better! I have a fear of talking to my therapist (anyone) about certain things because the ptsd will trigger depression that does not subside for awhile. Just trying to work through it and get better.


Hi there, I just started therapy about two months ago, I think (I have a horrible concept of time). I go numb and start dissociating when I am in there when we are dealing with something upsetting. My therapist knows when to stop...when to pull back...she can see my face and eyes and know I am dissociating, so she will consider that that is enough for one session. We are going slow, because even going slow is scary to me. She warned me that "it will get worse before it gets better" (my feelings, etc.) I am already making progress because she is a good therapist who doesn't push me further than I can handle. Going slow has created enough problems for me: learning to notice my feelings, feel them (what the heck do I do with them?) etc. I would blurt out things because I wasn't used to feeling the feelings, I was used to numbing out. I hope you will either stick with therapy if you trust your therapist and feel that they aren't pushing you too much too fast, or find another therapist. It is better to start over with a new therapist than waste time on one that isn't a good fit.