Ordering off a menu why is it so difficult

Why do I have so much trouble ordering something "straight off the menu"? Each time I go out to eat (generally with my signif other of 4 years) he goes bananas b/c he says I always have to switch things around on the menu (ex: add this, remove that, extra this....) -- for some reason I simply can't order something plain and simple.

Also, it usually takes me an obnoxious amount of time to order in the first place. I wish I could just be
N O R M A L and see something I like and eat a reasonable portion of it and be done with it?!?!

Instead, I have to obsess over what is healthiest but still satisfying but not too much fat/calories/fried/oiled/greasy but still tastes good etc. It takes forever. Then after I order I wonder if I should have ordered something else.

I should probably just ban restaurants all together unless it is one of my "standard" places where I know exactly what I want.

Just blabbing...

Thanks for your thoughts and listening...

Caroline :)


I agree ordering off a menu is a hard decision. But I see nothing wrong with changing things up slightly if it is not to YOUR taste....not the ED's taste, but YOUR taste. For instance...if something on the menu has green peppers in it, I ask if they can make it without because they give me wicked heartburn and I don't want to deal with the uncomfortableness.

Sometimes for me though, I will admit I don't order some things for the same reasons you do. But one thing I find helpful...is let's say you order a sandwich, but the sauce they put on makes you a bit anxious. Ask for them to put it on the side. That way you still have a little bit of control, but you still challenge yourself by having some of the sauce. It's all in little steps, but I believe you can make it :)
As for only sticking to "standard" restaurants... I say that's a bad idea! When you go to different places it means your constantly challenging yourself! Just talk to you husband and explain your thoughts to him. Tell him that while it may take a little bit more time for you to decide, it's helping you because it keeps the ED from complete control. Maybe even let him help you decide...if you feel comfortable of course.

And lastly...I have an idea for you. Try making a list of all the foods you allow yourself to eat. The safe foods. The foods you feel comfortable with.
Then make another list of all the foods you feel you can't eat. The ones you are afraid of (even if it's just the way something is prepared).
Then compare those lists. How limited are you in what you can eat now? Do you like the foods you listed but can't eat?
From there, challenge yourself (Weekly, biweekly...whatever you feel you can do). Pick on item from you "bad" list and try to put it onto the list of foods you allow yourself to eat. Give yourself a little more variety. And, if you feel comfortable enough, share this with your husband. When you go out, tell him the food you're challenging yourself with, and that way you're held a little bit more accountable for actually going through with it (and he'll know why you may be having a hard time/ be happy that he knows you're making a step in the right direction).

I hope that helps! Don't give up Caroline :)
Paige xoxo


You're awesome. Thanks for the time and care you put into responding to my posting and as well as others. I like your suggestion on safe foods... as well as eating slowly on the other post.

Every day is a challenge and work in progress. So far I feel good! :)

Take care,

It's always a pleasure to help :) <3 and I'm very glad to hear you're doing well so far!!

Message me anytime and keep fighting!!
Paige xoxo