Over 50

I just turned 50 this year. I'd hear from people who are dealing with getting older, along with all the other problems we have.

Welcome new member!
Well were all getting older lol...and most of us are on a learning curve. I notice your desire "how can I help anyone" ...that is a very nice gesture, with time perhaps you can, just keep returning. Best Wishes!

I've been dealing with depression long enough to know that I need to get "out of myself", but I always fall back. It's 2011 in New York and there is less than one hour left for 2010 in Chicago where I live. Happy New Year!



happy new year to you too, freydis!

have you ever received professional help for your depression?


Yes, I'm taking Zoloft right now and have had therapy and other antidepressants off and on for 30 years. Are you a therapist?

i wish i was, hun!!
no, i'm still going through my own little hell and suck at listening to my own advice :-)

what kind of therapy has worked for you? and what thigns could you take away from them? are you still able to fall back on anything you learnt, any coping strategies?


Well, I'm watching Turandot on Great Performances right now. Writing on this forum is also helping. I think I will feel like studying for my classes which resume this week. I'm sure if I did not take my Zoloft I would feel a lot worse because I grew up in a family that only knew how to panic when things go wrong.