Over it

Why do i bother? Sick of tryn 2 b pretty n wearn nice thingz only 2 find out hez chatn n pervn at otha bitchez. Tellz me my insecuritiez iz fukn up our relationship. Well how da fuk am i spozed 2 b secure when all he doez iz treat me like **** n do thingz bhind my fucking back??? Tellz me im actn like a **** kid!! Im tired of tryn. Cant handle it. Duno how much more i can take. I feel so ugly, hideous. Wat makez it worse hez doin this **** right unda my nose n thinks i dont no. Im obviously not good enough. Call me foolish but i rilly cant leave. Im too blinded by love n all da bull**** hez fed me up on. Im so stupid. I hate my life. I hate wat this relationship has turnd in2. All i want is for everything to go away.

As hard as it is, it will not go away until you are away from him. I know how you feel. Just sitting there crying wishing you could disappear as all the mean words ring in your head. You don't deserve to be treated like that. No one does. You will never be secure and it will be hard to trust him. I was with someone like that. It took everything in me to get away from him. 9 months later I met someone else who does love me and treat me with respect. You can be happy!!! Huggs!