Parents of adult children that use drugs

I was hoping to get some advice.I have a 20 y/o daughter,and a 22 y/o son that are both using meth.I am married for the 2nd time with an 8 y/o son.My older kids don't live with me because of their drug use. They both blame my husband for their situations, and I am stuck in the middle.Can anyone give me some advice so I am not feeling so stuck in the middle????

hi mishellc

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i am sorry to hear about the children and im sure it must be worrying fcr u to hear they blame "dad".

i was reading this web site today


why not check them out they have some sound advice for parents

the other thing u could do is see about mediation to interveen btwn you and the children. that way u will have a record of what was said by an independant person who will b able to stop the meeting from becoming a shouting match.
or mayb u could get some sort of consuling to help u understand and get emotions of your chest in a way that benefits u without involving them or the little one.
depending on how the doctor (if there is one or he/she is approachable) that treats them views it he might b able to give u some pointers to where togo although due to patient confidetiallity he wont be able to discuss them but might be forth coming with general tips.

how is the little one holding up?

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loving thoughts and positive vibes

Domestics' got it, & please for your health & your young ones dont place yourself in the middle, addicts of all kinds will blame everyone else for their problem until they look in a mirror one day at their wreakage & they will eventually through help if they want that figure that fact out. Take care of you & talk when feel like it we're all here for you.


Hi mishellc, You older kids will need to be wlilling to help themselves. Addicts will usually do this - blame everything and everyone else for what they are doing. I know just being the mom is tough. Then being in the middle makes it tougher. I decided I was not going to let my children and what they do come between my husband and me. My children are the kids I had with my husband - 3 daughters. Two of our kids are grown. I always love them but don't always like what they do. But they are grown and have to live their own lives. It is not easy to stand by and watch them. I have had to learn to let go and let God. That is easier said than done. Our youngest daughter is 16 and will start her last year of High School this year. Maybe think about checking out Alanon and Naranon for yourself.

Please keep sharing with us here. I know how much it helps me to talk to others. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

my son is 20 yrs old started out using weed, went to pills and is now using heroin, hes on probation the only way i could get at him with his 5 yr drug problem was to turn him into his probation officer as of last thursday he was made to go in house rehab but will only be there for 3 weeks, i know he is going to need outpatient rehab, but where in monroe county michigan as a mother can i go in for support groups??