Parents of Children with ADHD and or ODD

Looking for support among those who have children with ADHD and or ODD . Having a child with either is very stressful and you feel alone b/c no one understands what daily life is like if their child does not have these issues.

You're not ALONE... And those of us who are going thru 24/7 with this do UNDERSTAND... Vent if you need to.... This old Granny has big shoulders and can probably sing the second verse of anything you write... Hugs to you...

I have a granddaughter with addhd. She is undiagnosed as she is 5 years. old. She is driving us crazy.

Please don't feel alone...My son has ADD and OCD along with high anxiety...Until we were able to get him correctly diagonosed our life was almost unbearable the stress was non stop between his school and daily activties I almost lost my mind. thank god we found an awesome child psychartist, his peditrician just wasn't cutting it,, He is on CONCERTA ER for ADD and ABILIFY for anxiety, I must say those two amazing drugs, have given him his life back and ours also.I highly recommend if you think your child and or grandchild niece or nephew or friend have these types of disorders you go to a child Pyschartist(hard to find),beware you may have to wait for appointment..three months for us..but a DECISION that changed our life .no more what ifs more like what is. Amen to that.Prayers to all suffering thru this we feel your pain.....DON'T WAIT IT DOESN'T GET BETTER OVER TIME..ADDRESS IT TODAY:)

You are so not alone, which is why I have started a support group on Facebook and on a website. I feel for you and I am so sorry for your frustrations. The thing is you are not alone. We are all here to help you.