Partner up andor get a group for peppy work-outs

I am realizing that the more and more I get out there and not only work-out, but work-out with a group, the more and more it helps any feelings of depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety. I started working out with a group a couple of weeks ago and it's already making such a huge difference in my psyche. We all run and/or walk, laugh, talk, catch-up on life, all while getting in a good work-out. It's so good for the mind, body, and soul.

Today I did a distance run with a group and we all laughed and talked while enjoying the warm sunny day and incredible scenery. I am now feeling so happy, over-joyed, exhilarated...I don't want this feeling to end. So, I now that I have to keep this up.

Get out there and give it a will feel so amazing after the fact.


how strange we have just got a special needs gym instructor to agree to come to group and help us do some work outs

the thought of us gyrating into all sorts of positions has sure created a buzz in us all, not sure us older ones will survive but im sure it will be fun no matter what we do

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

That's so fun and fantastic Domestic! I love that you will all be doing a new work-out together. Can you please report back on how it progresses...I would love to know.


let me set the scene we have 8 ancient parents and myself the most decrepid of all, betwn us we have two in wheelchairs three downs and a couple of lesser disabilities,

we wore sweats and track bottoms not at all flattering at our age

in comes a young twenty year old with a firm body that the boys instantly sniggered over, and almost had to scoop there eyes of the ground before we started.

then she put the music on abba dancing queen oh ok we know the words but u want us to do what?

march on the spot, more giggles from the boys as boobies wobbled up and down and great delight in stompin feet on teh ground, she then went into deep knee bends to bat out of hell, as well as encouragin our wheelies to move to the beat, so there we were bending and swinging the chairs side to side, heel dips and side to side almost had us crashing as people went whichever side they wanted too, by this time we had lost our child to the space and the teacher had several chattin to her doing almost a punk jump around

all in all a good time was had by all, exercise well it made us laugh so i suppose stomach muscels will benefit if nothing else,

it was an amusing hour cant wait for the next one

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

Oh my goodness Domestic, that sounds so so so fantastic! I love it! Thank you so much for the play-by-play, felt as if I was there with you all. I love that you got in good fun exercise but also laughed all along the way, and to ABBA nonetheless...all in all, pretty fabulous! Good for all of you!