People who take advantage of gullible people are the worst

People who take advantage of gullible people are the worst. Weather it be accupuncture or the law of attraction. I HATE people who take money from people that are having a hard time and are looking for hope. Let them find real hope and leave their money alone. They are the scum of this earth

Thank you that is my rant for today.

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Wow and I totally agree with you on this but it happens all the time and might not ever stop. xx

@Jennipain Yeah I know. Just needed to let that out today and I figured this would be the place that I would get the least hate.

I totally agree with you

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@citizenm Have you heard of something called placebo? I suppose you got what you paid for, but they are proven scams. And some people have serious illnesses. So I get seriously PISSED when david f#cking wolfie tells cancer patients to leave the hospital and buy his coloured salt instead.

So you think I am close minded because I don't believe in things that have been proven to be false? Well then why don't we just fire the doctors and make faith healing legal? When there is no evidence either way on something then fine believe what you want and I don't care. But when people are living lives of pain and poverty because some f#cker wants a bigger boat. Then yeah I will be ''close'' minded about it. I despise all forms of scams that takes advantage of people. Especially those that are sick and poor.


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@Jennipain Of course. Just a healthy debate :slight_smile:

I believe there is room in traditional medicine for alternatives. Even if it's placebo, if it's making the person feel better, then isn't that a good thing? Its when people stop taking meds or following MD orders that its a problem

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@EmilyG1928 I suppose I partially agree. Just differ on the moral of people being tricked i suppose.

To more or less quote Spke Milligan: These army wages [I] gave to [my] mother, who in turn gave the money to the Poor of the Parish. ‘I couldn’t understand it,’ he said. ‘We *were* the poor of the parish.’ Let me add to that: "Charity begins at home." Take care of yourself.

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@buddhabob I don’t understand what you tried to say there. Would you mind rephrasing or explaining without the quote.

Ooops! Somehow I posted that in reply to the wrong thread! Sorry for the confusion.