Peoples lives have been taken away In paris today in terrori

Peoples lives have been taken away In paris today in terrorist attacks. Many are killed. If you feel like your life is over think about those people whose lives have been cut short and do not have any say in it. Just putting it into perpective but not taking away what herpes does mean for you but think about how lucky you are in hindsight

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Meh, I guess it depends on your feelings about life and death. I don't believe this is the first or the last life. To think that everyone who is born on Earth is at their first go around seems a bit odd when you have souls who seem like they're continuing with where they left off last lifetime(s). As if prodigal geniuses just started on their path the first shot and someone with a strange and debilitating autoimmune disease is born into an affluent family out of random chance...?

But death... With herpes, I feel like I've never died and been reborn soooooo freaking many times. The emotions, stress, torment, pain.... the relief, the worry, the reprieve, the ups and downs, reading intense stories of pain and then the contrasting stories of how hsv isn't that bad. It's intense.... My days feel like a never-ending sacrifice and then I finally am able to die in my sleep at night. Reborn the next day to continue onward and play with the new lessons.

Signs... Signs are everywhere if one settles themself to see them. I saw plenty of signs warning me about the person who gave me this. I was tired, put some blind trust in her and allowed myself to be in a vulnerable situation. I'm pretty sure the people who were within that attack were given the opportunity of omens and signs to avoid their fate. Plenty of people will say they had a bad feeling/hunch in retrospect... Many of us choose to be distracted by the distortions of this physical world. Those of us who still the distractions and listen may find paths to take them higher and warn them against troubles along the way.

The world is very complex and just because someone's life ends here doesn't mean their journey ends as well...

I get the point I'm trying to make is that yes we have been dealt a crappy Blow by having herpes but at the end of the day we can still get on with our lives these people have not had a choice