This morning triggered…
“There is no right or wrong”

The answer is

“Not everyone is supposed to live”.

Definition of, “Advocate”?
It just has to make someone second guess their viewers. It’s gotta be a straight forward, cornered result of no choice blah me this morning :expressionless:

People will choose death, but the world will miss their greatness. -SG

1 Heart

And that is why i think of those people all the time. Now it is making sense to me. If i was to Advocate, everything would be shown with images and musical. Ups and downs (“No words”) and to make people connect with something if it’s not human like chester did.

A bad attitude discouraged empathy or experience.
If you think of a brownie, i feel nicer. But if someone takes the brownie. I turn predatory i had a brownie this morning and thinking about empathy.

I listen to “Thomas Newman -Ghost” and try to view there dead ends. All they really needed is a reality boost. Someone to tell them that they were right for feeling that way when they were discouraged.