Perception of Time Can Increase Stress

Interesting article regarding how actual time and the perception of time in correlation with workload can cause additional and unnecessary stress. I know that for myself, the reality and perception of my workload can cause stress. For example, I'll start to think about everything that I need to do on the whole, rather than breaking it down by project, which can cause a great deal of stress;

"In the driven U.S. social scene of full-time jobs, after-school children’s activities, volunteer obligations and just managing the day-to-day, many find that they are under increased stress.

Research conducted by a faculty member at New Jersey-based Rowan University suggests that the way people perceive time can either increase or decrease that stress.

Dr. Tejinder Billing, assistant professor of management in the Rohrer College of Business has studied the correlation between stress, time and work-family conflict in three different countries: the U.S., her native India and Venezuela.

Through her research, she has determined that while objective workload may represent a certain reality, the perception of that workload by an individual is more important.

“Individuals have a threshold level for workload, beyond which work is perceived as overload. When an individual’s workload exceeds the optimal level that he or she is comfortable with on a daily basis in the work situation, then psychological strain is the likely outcome,” she said

A silent variable in this equation of work and perception of work, according to Billing, is time...."
        Source: Psych Central, by Selena Chavis, 10/23/10


once again a study that shows for some people being in perpetual motion suits them while others struggle to do the basics.

life is more driven now and we feel obliged to ferry the kids to clubs take that extra work load on and be superstars at home and outside it.

sometimes u just need to sit back and asses if its going to make a major difference to life if the kids miss a club or the dusting doesnt get done

there fore the physcological element is reduced instantly

do love these studies thou

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

So well said/written Domestic; you hit the nail right on the head on all points. Some of us do strive with a go go go lifestyle, whereas others can barely handle a few tasks. Though, the key is what one can handle and when it's time to let go of a few things here and there in order to decrease stress.