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Okay, I know there was a post about periods already, but my issue is a bit different.
I've been on the same BC pill for just over a year, Marvelon. One month in the summer, I messed it up, forgot to take it and had random spotting. I havent skipped, taken it late or messed it up at all in the last few months..

This month, I still had about 4 days of pills left to take in the pack and i began spotting. I continued to take the 4 pills like I was supposed too and began my period on Tuesday. While I know its not an actual 'period' I get, the symptoms are all the same; thing is....its barely there. Not to be graphic but i wouldnt even be comfortable using the lightest tampon available thats how light it is....

I'm wondering if this could be ED related? With people on BC you never know if they get an actual period or not while suffering from their ED...could the lightness of my period be an indicator? I'm really confused about the spotting and barely there at all period...

yes your body --might be going into shock form the low calories. yes this can happen with ED ---you can lose your period. did you get a full one before??? how are your periods normally for you?

i know this may be hard but if this continues and you start to lose your period---you might have to get it checked out....


I have no idea, I've never been on BC. But I'm curious on what other people think!

Well, I noticed the last 2-3 months my periods have gradually gotten lighter and lighter. But this one is barely there at all....being on the pill brings a 'fake' period so shouldnt i technically bleed like normal?

If I tell my doctor he is going to tell me that my body is starting to cannibalize itself, my therapist the **** face, already told me that it is, my family doctor im sure will just confirm that. I understand that for basic body functions the body uses X amount of calories and if you throw in physical activity it uses X amount more.....I also know I do not even give it enough to account for the amount of physical activity i incorporate into my days let alone my normal body functions, so my body is chosing the most important functions to keep running...heart, brain etc and not wasting energy on hair/nails, warmth stuff like that....i've educated myself quite a bit on the effects of ED but im just not sure if being on the pill, it would have the same affect on me as someone who isnt on the pill losing their period..

Oh, the numbers game... HOW familiar am I with THAT... :0/ "Well, I didn't move as much as usual today, so I shouldn't take in as many calories." "I worked out extra today, so if I can stick to my usual calories, I'll be ahead of the game." "Uh, oh... I shouldn't have eaten that... Now I'll have to work out extra tomorrow, and probably every other day this week..."

Yuck, yuck, yuck...

Although our culture is TRAINED to think like this... Particularly those of us that have been immersed in the weight-loss obsession for a long time, it's difficult to UNlearn that mathematical balancing game... The truth is... Our bodies do not work like that. Period. I, too, have been caught in the numbers game... Thinking that one day's indiscretion must require pennance. But the truth is, our bodies are MIRACULOUS! They have this internal ability to speed up, or slow down, our metabolisms depending on the fuel they receive. Receive an excess? Speed up and burn it off! Receive a deficit? Slow down and conserve. Now, if the excess or deficit occurs repeatedly for a long time? SURE!! Our bodies are built to save calories for a rainy day, too! ;0) Even though we're living in the midst of feast days, rather than famine. ;0) The point is, and I KNOW how hard this is!!!, recovery will mean letting go of these balancing games you're playing in your mind... I am still fighting them, too, but they have less of a hold over me these days... ♥ I'm trusting myself more, and I believe you will one day, too. :) (I say that with some anxiety, knowing that my next weigh-in is looming next week! LOL! Have I become overly confident???) ;0)

Yes, fears are real... But the more you remain stuck in the numbers game, the more power you give to your eating disorder...

I'm not sure about the period/pill/ED thing... I was on the pill once, but I wasn't anorectic at that time... For the first few months I had EXCESS bleeding... And then things regulated. For YEARS, though, I have had irregular periods and LOTS of spotting. That has not gone away completely, but it is MARKEDLY improved. ♥ My body clearly likes this size, though I accepting it means distracting myself from it much of the time. ;0)

Much love!! ♥


I didnt have period since october 2009 until april 2010 .... that was for sure because of ED !

Then I started to eat right and I had it again !

In september when I start purging so many times per day I also didnt have it .... and after 2 weeks of recovery I had it again !!

It s a very much connection than we might think !

We need to stay healthy to function right !

one more think .... while I was on birth control pills , my cravings were soooo intense !! I could eat all day long and in the firts mounth I took then I had the first purge in my life !! then I stopped taking them , and start to starve - missing period - eat again - having period again .