Personal Question

I was wondering how many other fibro sufferers were involved with incest/ victims of incest? I want to thank you ahead of time for your courage to speak about this...

Hi Gonlau, thank you for being here with us. I don't have direct experience with your question, though I am here to offer my support if you would to share. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I have fibro and cfs and am an incest survivor too. That would make a great research paper.

I guess it's not legally incest but my stepfather molested me for 2 yrs when I was 10-12 y/o.

he was a father to you and it happened within the family unit. That is definitely incest. I'm sorry you endured that. But thus far. We're survivors as long as we keep ourselves on this side of the ground. Everyday we love ourselves instead of loathe ourselves, we triumph. Love all, mara

I've never loved myself...I can't

don't say never, say YET. Somedays I can't stand myself or anyone or thing on this planet. But, I'm in therapy and i'm learning to feel real emotions, not just the umbrella ones like anger, hurt, etc. Why am I angry or hurt, what caused it, then I can get to the truth... I felt abandoned, insignificant, disrespected. As I learn why I am the way I am, what parts can be improved and what I must work around and accept, every once in a while I show myself love by choosing not to relapse with any self destruction. That's the best I can do right now but my desire to die is merely an occasional fleeting thought now. Have hope and when you get it, hang on to it, it can save lives. If no one told you you are loved today then you are by me. Mara

Thank you Mara,
I know and am so grateful I am loved. I have kids and grandkids and the best husband in the world. And when I hear people say; "you can't love someone else until or unless you love yourself", I cringe! I love my family and I have a few friends from 25-30 yrs ago I love dearly. But you see, I know me. Nobody, not even my husband of 30 years, knows me completely. I don't trust my deepest darkest to anyone. I ran from this diagnosis 24 years ago and in this past week I've finally decided to research BPD and, after reading numerous articles, I don't think I can admit that this is me! I don't want it to change my relationships. There are things I will take to my grave with me.