PET Scan

My husband had his half-way PET scan on Friday. Today, they faxed him the results. We don't get to hear the doctor's interpretation until this Friday, but from what we can tell the results seem good. Can anyone decipher this paragraph for us?

"Evidence of significant interval response to treatment whe compared to July 7, 2010. There is resolved FDG avidity in the anterior mediastinal mass, bilateral hilar lymph nodes, bilateral supraclavicular lymph nodes, and left upper retroperitoneal lymph nodes. Continued follow-up imaging over two years time is recommended to document stability."

It's a lot of "doctor speak" I know... LOL Any insight would be appreciated.

FDG is the substance injected into a patient for the PET scan, a glucose compound, as cancer cells devour glucose more rapidly than healthy cells. FDG avidity is then a way to describe tumor activity, so maybe on July 7 the PET scan result said your husband showed 'high FDG avidity' in those four regions; now, when it's saying 'resolved avidity' it means this test is showing there's no more indication of tumor activity in those regions.

Doesn't mean he's 100% cancer free -- PET scans can't spot individual cancer cells, and I don't know where else he may have had activity--- or that his doc will suspend the rest of his treatment -- but it does mean the treatment is working, and working very, very well, it appears.

At this point, his doc may want to continue the course, or transition to adjuvant therapy, which is kind of like a mop-up job, to be sure to get rid of the cancer entirely.

Either way these are fantastic results!

Awesomeness. :) Thank you! We talk to the doctor Friday.

Gregswife...Sounds like some excellent news. Please let us know what the Doc says on Friday so we can celebrate your husband's progess with you guys.

I definitely will. I'm counting down the days!