PETCt Scans when in Remission

I am going for my first official remission check-up on Friday. I am getting labs done and a chest x-ray (I had mediastinal and neck tumours) but no PET/Ct. In fact, it is my understanding that I will not get any PET/Cts now unless they have a definitive reason to do so. From what I see/read of patients in the US, PET/Ct scans are commonly performed at intervals over the next few years post-treatment. Is this indeed what follow-up is like for those of you in the US? If there is anyone in Canada reading this, am I the only one not getting follow-up scans or is this common practice up here? Thanks!
Not to mention the fact that I am getting more and more nervous as Friday approaches....

I'm getting treatment in Europe, and I've been told I'll be getting a PET/CT scan after my 4 cycles of chemo and then another one after 3 months. Here it depends mainly on your age - they don't usually perform PET scans on senior citizens, but young people are given priority.

You're more or less right about the use of PET/CT for lymphoma here in the US. Guidelines vary, but the scan is generally used for initial staging, sometimes used during treatment to evaluate progress, and almost always at the end of, say, chemotherapy, to re-stage the disease. Follow-ups often rely on PET/CT as well. Some think it's overtreatment to perform this many scans, but PET/CT is to my knowledge as good as it gets when it comes to determining treatment efficacy. Weird that you wouldn't have one, that you're only having blood tests and a chest X-ray. I would ask your docs about this.

I agree with Ross--please ask you doctor about this! I've learned that me being "pushy" to get information about what is going on is something I just have to is my life and I need to protect it. Again, maybe double check with your doctor to perhaps go over the post treatment again with them? Hope it all works out!