Planned Parenthood

I went to a planned Parenthood where the doctor there wouldn't even look at my labs. She said she never uses the blood work because it makes people think they have herpes and they don't. She pretty much told me that if I had a positive number but no outbreaks that it just meant I was 'exposed' to the hsv 2 virus. WRONG!!!!! In the informational booklets she gave me there was a site,, that I decide to look up. This site says there's NO such thing as 'just being exposed' either you have it or you don't. The physician told me it was ok to have a relationship, that I wouldn't be passing hsv2 onto any potential partners. Smdh!! I think Planned Parenthood needs to re-educate their staff! Since my labs read 1.19igG for hsv2 and that is considered a low positive It may be a false positive. On the site they tell you to wait a few months after you think you've been exposed then get a Herpes Western Blot test done. Quest labs does this test for @ $200. I'm not sure if insurance will cover any of it.

Thank you. I do plan on calling my insurance company. But since I have wait a couple more months to get a better reading, I'm gonna wait til the new year rolls around. Plus if I have to pay for It I can do it with my tax return :-). The waiting will be hell tho :-/

That's crazy. I thought Planned Parenthood would have a better sense of how to diagnosis this stuff and give out the right info. I just found out on Monday that I have it. I'm waiting for one of the nurses to call me today with my blood results. I hope by some miracle that it's not herpes but deep down I know it is. I wish you best of luck!

Amy086, yeah I thought planned parenthood would be up to date too :-/
Check out for some good info and Web MD has good stuff that will put this into perspective. Hsv diagnosis isn't the end of the world you'll figure that out when you start researching it. I think it's info everybody should know even if they don't have it. Knowledge may save you from getting it. Good luck with your test tho. I hope they're negative!