Please Help i Feel Im Gonna Kill Myself

Hey guys so i recently told my friend an a older sister who i trusted that i was going down a bad path i know i have a problem an need help but im not ready im skared bc i went thru this b4 it didnt help my friend took me to the guidance counselor today an i just started freakking i tld my teacher i didnt want to go she sed i had to if it was serious idk im skared an afriad i mite break down in class an thats something i dont want to do ive took several pills to get thru tonite idnt know if i should tell someone wats going on because im afraid of wats gonna happen but if i dont i think i mite seriously cut or kill myself im not crazy but ive been thru alot an its like noone gives a **** how i feel anymore i want to be something in life but its so hard bc most of my teachers hate me i really just want to give up on mylife an school but i also want to overcome this huge struuggle but my ? i gueesss wud be wat do yall think i should do someone please help me!!!!!!!!!

Mahkayleigh .... please know that people do care and are here for you.

Please do not take pills that haven't prescribed to you or an amount above the stated dosage. Also, please do not cut yourself.

If you feel that you need help NOW, please call 911. Go to the emergency room and tell them how you feel. You will be SAFE there.

The hospital will put you in touch with some phenomenal resources that you need. Right now, this seems to be an issue for you because of your age and what it is you are experiencing. And, I already know that you are afraid that your family will not support you 100% and that you are afraid that things will be worse if you start talking to them.

If you do go to the ER they might admit you, admit you to a support facility or get you involved in a program, which you desperately need. Please do not worry ... the admission would only be for a short stay.

Also, the hospital will put you in touch with qualified professionals who will work with you and all your issues. That same professional will also support you in working with your family in a way that could be really favorable.

yes i need to i feeel if im admitted to a hospital i go crazy because its weird to me and its crazy ummm to me i need help but idk really howw to explain to my family that i do its not really easy for me bc im not a person who sts there an talks to my family ofr anyone like that. Am i crazy if im admited into a phsyc. ward like where i have to get monitored???

People care about you more then you think they do!!
you juss need to get your priorities straight ... right down on a piece of paper what makes you happy and what doesnt make you happy... throw away all your xtra baggage... then find time to work on making yourself happy... baby cant no one make you happy except yourself you only know what makes you happy so try and work on that and if you need me im here for you sweetheart <3

Jaidens Mommy<3

i understand and ill try that wen i have tyme my schedule is preetty hectic i know what makes me happy an i know i shouldnt feel like my world is burning in flames of fire but i do feel that way and my conselor at school really doesnt care to much about it!!!

Mahkayleigh ... you will not be considered crazy. Many many many people go to the hospital to get help.

Sadly, the mental health system in the USA lacks in the way of proper care. Hospitals are a great TOOL to use. However, the ER doctor will not know how to handle your issues because he was not trained for that.

Therefore, they tend to hand off everything to the mental health professionals who have a huge back log. That's fine ... in fact it works out to your advantage. For example ….. if you live in NY you would be admitted for 72 hours. That's it. Other states have a 24 and/or a 48 hour admittance policy. Again, that’s not a bad thing.

When I went in the first time my roommate was a lawyer who was actively practicing law. The other people on the floor were from various aspects of society ... nurses, mechanics, administrators, kids, etc... I highly doubt any of them were "crazy." They were just normal people trying to reach out for help. And, that is exactly what they got. They got the necessary resources to help them live a better life. In fact, I saw a social worker help one women who was distraught because she couldn’t pay her bills. The social worker sat down with her and they wrote letters to all her creditors. I never expected to see such a thing. The professionals were really there to help the patients.

As for me: the hospital put me in touch with an awesome outpatient program, an equally awesome psychiatrist and a phenomenal therapist. I was blown away by what I got in the end.

So, no, you are not crazy. You will not be labeled crazy. The hospital is a tool that is available to you. It is there to help you work on living a healthier life.

I hope you are feeling better today. Good luck and remember we are here.

Note: If you do go to the hospital I would suggest not telling those you attend school with about it. I would keep it to yourself and your immediately family.

you need to find an outlet, only having one will result into bottled feelings and frustration. thats just like saying a school full of children , the building catches on fire the fire is burning fast theres about 700 kids and one door.... what are the odds that everyone will live ?!?

you need more then one outlet to release all your pain!!!

&& a counselor is not cut out for thar kinda work, shes gotta million other things to worry about let alone shes only there to guide you into making the real decision... hence her title "guidance counselor" if you want help you need to do the real thing!!

im here for you if you need!!

Jaidens Mommy<3

ill message you because i really need to talk to you im skared an its not easy with everything that constantly goes on

im here for you if you need me as i said befor and i will be awaiting you response....

until then keep your head up baby!!!

Jaidens Mommy<3

okay and im trying

When you finally get sick of living your life the way you are living you will decide to do something different. No matter how much we all want you to take a deep breath and make the call you are the one that has to do it. I had my stay in the psych ward and yes some people may label me as "crazy" but that doesn't mean anything to me. I am a person that without medicine has an unstable brain chemistry. So what? At least there is a medicine for what I have. Going to the emergency room or calling suicide hotline or child protective know who can really help is up to you. Good luck and keep us posted!

GURL - listen I can relate to when people don't seem to care especially your family and the LAST thing you want to do is talk with them because they won't appear to care when they really do - and not know how to help. Sometimes the people that look at you weird - aren't judging you - they feel bad for you but don't know how to help - so remember that. You are seriously beautiful and young and my advice to you - have the hospital be your last resort, from my personal experience - check out the internet and there's gotta be some group of folks that you can call and get help from their organization. Like here in Wilmington we have a group called "H.E.L.P" I WILL TELL you this - don't kill yourself. A friend of mine committed suicide because he just wanted out and felt like no one cared about him. The people that loved him are living such awful lives now. I know you care about your family and friends deep inside. And I know you may think that everyone would be better off with out you - because those things have crossed my mind too - but it's not true! Just because people can't show you they love you or care, DEFINITLY doesn't mean they don't - I promise you. SURROUND yourself with people that SHOW you love - your girlfriends or a family member - real love! I love my fiancee SOO much but I can't show him and I'm a ***** to him a lot of the times - so in his mind I don't like him - it KILLS me that I can't show him what I feel . . . so remember that also. God does love you sweetie and he doesn't want you to go through this pain too like me - I think that is why I felt forced to send you this message - since I'm not even in the "suicidal" support group!
Keep me posted because I kind of like doing research - so if you let me know what city/state your in I will do some research for ya!

Thanks Doll But If God Loves Me So Much Why Do I Suffer In So Much Pain.!

Mahkayleigh, I hope that all is well with you, and that you now have peace of mind. Keep us informed.