Please Help

Hi All,

I just found this group. I am definitely a binge eater. I am in desperate need right now of a listening ear and supportive shoulder to cry on. I am definitely at my bottom. I have disappointed so many people...I have binged and binged all week and now I can barely recognize myself in my mirror. My face hands and body are completely swollen and I really am a sick person to have done this to myself.

I want a new sponsor in my treatment program but I dont know how to tell my current sponsor that our situation just isnt clicking for me. I guess I can just plainly speak those words..but then what? How do I tell this woman who has taken so much time with me that this is not working for me.
I know that I would really just rather have my old sponsor back in my life..and to tell the truth this is really what I have been grieving and not really articulating. I have been just "talking" to the food about it and not sharing with anyone how I have really been feeling. Can someone here relate to that feeling of frustration and helplessness all coming crashing into your life?

welcome to support group

grief is a highly motivating it causes us to loose focus as we are sidetracked by other things.
i can understand u feel u have let yourself down but would u treat a friend without kindness? be kind to yourself yes its been a bad week but u no why.
i dont know much about sponsors but i assume they are people who help u, could u not ask a doctor or therapist to help u explain it or if thats not possible write a note to the existing sponsor explainin how u feel,
when u are emotional its easy to slip into previous habbits without eeven noticing u are doing it.

communication would help u but txt or write it down if u hav to just get it out in the open.

and yes i have been there feeling trapped alone and helpless as others have taken control.

start with small steps and see how u go

keep posting and chattin

loving thoughts and positive vibes