Please Help

so me and my girlfreind are having some problems and i dont know what to do we want to move intogether but we cant talk to each other about our relationship without fighting. i have ben asking if she would go to a counciler with me but she keeps saying no it took me 3 times to say we are done befor she said yey to it so we are going to talk to a lady but she says she does not want to see or talk to me till then im not sure whats going on i just left out off college today and did not take my mid term because i cant sit next to her without feeling down i love her so much but i dont know what to do can someone help me i want to live with her but i said if we dont stop fighting i cant live with you now she thinks i dont love her and she has thought i was cheating i feel like i cant go or do anything unless she says its ok. her family does not like me and does not want use to be together so its making it harder but now they found out we are going to live together they are backing off a little. i keep talking to my friends and they say leave her but when i talk to some of my adalt friends at school or work they say try to work it out you are just stressing over the moveing out together when i try to talk to her about how i feel she pushes it onto me and says i have changed and i am not the man she feel in love with.

if you can help or give me some advice of what to do i would love to hear it

Going to counceling together is a good step. Remember thatno matter how much you love someone you have to be able to get along for a relationship to work

what tools said is correct, if you don't get along now you never will especially since a person has to be willing to change. keep your chin up and remember YOU are the one that is trying.

take care and good luck