Please make our emails hidden

Why are our emails being shown for? Feels like a huge invasion of privacy.

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It’s unbelievable to me that SG thinks showing our emails is ok. It is a huge invasion of privacy! @SupportGroupsAdmin

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We are working on this issue everyone! Please hang tight with us.

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I hate this site now. They have ruined it. I cannot even begin to understand or navigate it. Before it was super easy to understand and navigate. I literally can’t even sign out of it, find my friends here anymore. And they erased all my private messages with my friends. I will never be able to talk to them again.

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Hopefully they update it soon and fix/adjust some things

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I just played with the alien language and wrote ERROR101… so now it’s says Nonerror101 and Error101? I’m so confused who i am now on here. I need to know which error it is? This is making me feel like there is no answer to my question =\ but i now know i exchanged it for now. Fully endisguised, incongnito, and blahs blasting and Ready to pronounce Adalimumab (“Ah-duh-li-mum-mab”)

If you get the maracas and say chia, chia, bang, bang and everything else is going to be fine =)

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I used used google AI alien technology to change it too “NotError101”. So nobody can find me, I’m so incognito. It’s not even funky (“hand over mouth snickering”) I’m glad the website is a different color that’s is all. Now i have to hope AI will turn a wolf into an anthro. I would ask them a zillions (“beyond a billion”) of questions.

I also created a new account with a different email address, but I decided I don’t want to lose the small amount of history that switched over with the new site. Not much left to look back on.

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This is fixed, thank you all for your patience. -SG

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Wow, I finally got in! This is very new, woah, how is everyone. I couldn’t get in last week and then my account was sort of messed up, but I guess they fixed it. Goodness.

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Yep. I am so confused. I want account deleted. And when I sign on here is says it is not secure.

@Scat @anon46734564

We understand that this new site, while beyond our personal wildest dreams, is a HUGE change for long time members. We understand that not everything was moved over. The old site was breaking and the developer we had (the code was kind of a dinosaur was no longer with the team as they had health issues to deal with), so we wanted a new and better site. We are working tirelessly to make it better every single day. We want to hear your issues so we can make it even better.

Bluediamond7 would you be so kind to show a picture of the security issue you are dealing with? For a short time when we switched the site last week it did show it was unsecure, but that is because the site wasn’t up and the address didn’t go anywhere.

Scat, we hope you can find your friend group again, if there is anyone particular we can help you find, please let us know.


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I’m really concerned about not being able to delete my own posts anymore. This is incredibly stressful given the HIGHLY sensitive and personal nature of the posts people make on this site. People should be able to post, receive support, and then safely delete it should they choose to do so.

You can edit posts and we are working with our development team to see if deleting is an option, if not, flag it, put the reason you are flagging it and we will delete it. Best-SG

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