Please pray for me please

please pray for me please

Of course I will pray for you…I’ll pray that God gives you strength to continue living your life as best you can; through all of the ups and downs that come your way; that you find whatever help you need to stay safe as you deal with your struggles right now. You have survived so far…. Are you living with family or friends? You posted in the suicide group….I’m hoping you can read some of the other posts prior to yours—-a few people have posted they are so grateful they didn’t end their lives as they found help and meds and therapy and support which got them thru and got them to something better Do you want to share what’s going on in your life now?
We are here for u. Hugs

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@NCMom thank you ncmom. i’m on anti psyhotics and anxiety meds and adhd meds. i live with my narcissitic abuser, but i know how to manage living with her and i move out in march.
i’m going through a hard time right now but i have a few close friends who i can talk to . thank you for you support your words mean a lot to me <3